Actualizat la: 13.09.2018

Ședințele comitetelor de program

Ședințele comitetelor de program


1. The meeting of the Programme Committee on „Secure, clean and efficient energy”

Date: 10 September 2018

(Participant: Sveatoslav Postoroncă- Reprezentant Oficial) 


2. The 19th meeting of the Programme Committee on „ERC, FET and MSCA”

Date: 13 -14 September 2018

(Participanți: Ion Tighineanu-Reprezentant Oficial, Iulia Vacarenco- Expert Național)


3. The 19th meeting of the Programme Committee on “SMEs and Access to Risk Finance”

Date: 17 September 2018

(Participant: Vitalie Moraru- Reprezentant Oficial) 


4.The meeting of the Programme Committee on „H2020 Strategic Configuration

Date: 20 September 2018

(Participanți: Viorica Boaghi- Expert Național, Tatiana Moraru- Reprezentant Oficial) 


5. The 17th meeting of the Programme Committee on „Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research, and the bioeconomy

Date: 3 October 2018

(Participant: Svetlana Codreanu- Expert Național) 


6. H2020-RI Programme Committee meeting on „Research infrastructures”

Date: 5 October 2018 

(Participant: Olga Tretiacov- Expert Național)


7. The 19th meeting of the Programme Committee on “Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” 

 Date: 11 October 2018

(Participant: Serghei Sprincean)