Updated at: 09.07.2019

Government of Republic of Moldova

National Agency for Research and Development

National Contact Points

National Contact Points
N/oNational contact pointDomainContact
1Viorica Boaghi

NCP Coordonator local,

European Research Council

Phone: (00373) 22 274534, 273545
Email: viorica.boaghi@h2020.md, viorica.boaghi@gmail.com
2Oleg BujorLegal and Financial AspectsPhone: (00373) 79622073
Email: oleg.bujor@h2020.md
3Larisa UngureanJoint Research Centre

Email: larisa.ungurean@h2020.md, ungurean.h2020@gmail.com

4Vitalie MoraruSMEs
Small and Medium Enterprises

Phone: (00373) 22 260853
Email: vitalie.moraru@h2020.md  moraruvtl@gmail.com

5Dr. Olga TimofeiAccess to Risk Finance

Phone: (00373) 22 501106
Email: olga.timofei@h2020.md, o_timofei@yahoo.com

6Nelea PostovanuAccess to Risk FinancePhone: (00373) 22 272758
Email: nelea.postovanu@h2020.md, nelea.postovanu@ancd.gov.md
7Vadim IațcheviciFuture and Emerging TechnologiesPhone: (00373) 22 270445
Email: vadim.iatchevici@h2020.md, vadim.iatchevici@ancd.gov.md
8Dr. Alexandru RoșcaMarie Sklodowska –Curie actions on skills, training and career developmentPhone: (00373) 22 270537
Email: alex.rosca@h2020.md, rosca.md@gmail.com
9Ludmila MincheviciEuropean Research InfrastructuresPhone: (00373) 22 274534
Email: ludmila.minchevici@h2020.md, ludmila.minchevici@ancd.gov.md

Dorina Harea
Information and communications Technologies

Phone: (00373) 373 68 754829 

Email: dorina.harea@h2020.md, dorina.harea@dassolutions.eu

11Marianna RomanNanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing
Phone:(00373) 22 738149
Email: marianna.roman@h2020.md, mariannaromann@yahoo.com
12Artiom JucovHealth, demographic change and wellbeingPhone: (00373) 22 471515
Email: artiom.jucov@h2020.md, artiom.jucov@usmf.md
13Rodica SturzaFood security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy; BiotechnologyPhone: (00373) 22 513117
Email: rodica.sturza@h2020.md, rodica.sturza@chim.utm.md
14Sveatoslav PostoroncaSecure, clear and efficient energyPhone: (00373)79762947
Email: sveatoslavpostoronca@h2020.md, sveatoslav.postoronca@ancd.gov.md
Smart, green and integrated transportPhone: (00373)22 294861
Email: sveatoslav.postoronca@h2020.md, sveatoslav.postoronca@ancd.gov.md
15Igor Chiosa
Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
Science with and for Society
Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
Phone: (00373) 79467897
Email: igor.chiosa@h2020.md, igorchiosa9@gmail.com
16Olga DavidencoPhone: (00373) 22 272791
Email: olga.davidenco@h2020.md, olga.davidenco@ancd.gov.md
17Vasilii PușcașClimate action, resource efficiency and raw materialsPhone: (00373) 22 292826
Email: vasilii.puscas@h2020.md, vasilii.puscas@ancd.gov.md
18Tatiana CiumașSecurityPhone: (00373) 22 265635
Email: tatiana.ciumas@h2020.md, tatiana.ciumas@gmail.com
19Lucia Ușurelu
Spreading Excellence and widening participation
Phone:  (00373) 22 233733
Email: lucia.usurelu@h2020.md, luciausurelu@yahoo.com
20Nicu VrabiePhone: (00373)68586477 
Email: nicu.vrabie@h2020.md, vrabie.nicu@mail.ru
21Nicu VrabieCOST ProgrammePhone: (00373)68586477 
Email: nicu.vrabie@h2020.md, vrabie.nicu@mail.ru