Updated at: 09.07.2019

Government of Republic of Moldova

National Agency for Research and Development

NCP Academy




Acronym: NCP Academy

Funder: European Commission

Coordinator: ENTERPRISE IRELAND (EI), Ireland

Period of implementation: 2018-2020

Partners: 16 partners


Short information:

   The NCP Academy is a continuation and expansion of the former NCP Academy support action (2014-June 2018) covering the period 2018 - 2020. The project brings together Horizon 2020 NCP Coordinators and Legal and Financial NCPs to implement training on cross-cutting issues for National Contact Points and address quality standards and good practice.

   It aims to build capacity measures tailor-made for the needs of the NCP community by implementation of a high-quality training programme and provision of opportunities for the exchange of experiences and of good practices. It maps NCP clients` needs and their satisfaction levels and provides central services to the stakeholders/users of the Legal and Financial NCP services. The NCP Academy consortium will cooperate closely with other NCP Networks to implement procedures that ensure a timely flow of information allowing collaboration. It will focus on removal of any duplication between networks and new routes to efficiencies of implementation. It supports the European Commission in providing feedback and analysis. Thus, this project serves as vehicle for building up and mobilising expertise, contributing to future developments.

   The NCP Academy includes activities aimed at helping NCPs in those countries that have been participating at lower levels in the programme up to now, for example, training, mentoring, twinning and awareness raising actions aimed at increasing visibility of well-qualified potential applicant organisations in those countries.



(1) Enterprise Ireland (EI), Ireland (Coordinator)

(2) Oesterreichische Forschungsfoerderungsgesellschaft MBH (FFG), Austria

(3) Technologicke Centrum Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky (TC ASCR), Republica Ceha

(4) Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft - Und Raumfahrt EV (DLR), Germany

(5) Idryma Proothisis Erevnas (RPF), Cipru

(6) Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), Spainia

(7) Business Finland OY (BF), Finlanda

(8) Ministere de l'enseignement superieur, de la recherche et de l innovation (MESRI), Franta

(9) Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE), Italy

(10) Instytut Podstawowych Problemow Techniki Polskiej Akademii Nauk (IPPT PAN), Polonia

(11) Fundacão para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), Portugalia

(12) Verein Euresearch (EURESEARCH), Suedia

(13) Agence Bruxelloise Pour L'accompagnement De L'entreprise (HUB), Belgia

(14) Agenția Națională Pentru Cercetare și Dezvoltare (NARD), Moldova

(15) Agencija Za Mobilnost I Programe Europske Unije (AMEUP), Croatia

(16) Foundation For Research And Technology Hellas (FORTH), Grecia


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